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Computer Network Installation & Support
(Dundee, Perth, Angus, Fife)

Linking a small number of computers or integrating large numbers of computers, printers & other machines, Glen Discovery Ltd can supply & install a network that meets your requirements. Office-based intranets can be designed & installed, along with shared applications, email & remote-access or dial-in facilities. Data security can be assured with backup systems & anti-virus precautions. We guarantee a solution that concentrates on your present & future requirements, and never to supply unnecessary equipment. Reliability, integrity & support is built into all our networks. Personal service is key to our support package - forming close relationships with our customers that promote trust & reliability.

(Dundee, Perth, Angus, Fife)

Are you having trouble linking the computers in your office? Are your PC's infested with viruses, advert software or annoying pop-ups? Having trouble getting your ADSL connection to work properly? We can fix virtually any problem relating to your IT equipment, getting your business working again.

PC Supply, Repairs & Upgrades
(Dundee, Perth, Angus, Fife)

If you need new equipment & advice on how to expand or upgrade your businesses network, Glen Discovery Ltd can provide the hardware that you require. We will install, configure & incorporate new machines into your existing system.. Not every company needs to buy new equipment all the time, the most cost-effective solution may sometimes be to upgrade or repair your current PC's & systems. We have extensive knowledge of older machines & can provide modernising solutions. We can also supply PC's with non-standard configurations, including LINUX-based systems.