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Computer Network Support Dundee

Broughty Bits & Bytes (Glen Discovery Ltd) - Client-Oriented IT Services

Since 2003, Glen Discovery Ltd, trading as Broughty Bits & Bytes has provided high quality computer services to a wide range of clients around Dundee, from a variety of business areas.

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford permanent in-house IT staff, but understood that there are enormous benefits to be had from the introduction of quality technology systems, where properly directed. Few IT companies offer a service which is closely aligned to the needs of a business of this size, and there is a tendency for some companies to sell their own inventory onto the client, with after-sales support an afterthought.

Our approach is to work with your company to understand its requirements from the inside. Combining this knowledge with our IT expertise, we develop a strategy suited to the way your company operates, carefully selecting hardware and software at the most appropriate level.

Our philosophy involves focussing on providing the maximum level of service through a close, ongoing relationship. Our support and maintenance products are designed with the specific needs of each customer in mind, handled directly by the staff responsible for your system - whether that be a fully-integrated network upgrade, or ongoing IT support.

Our aims are to provide:
  • a professional, conscientious & friendly service
  • reliable and effective computer systems
  • attentive and efficient support
  • excellent value for money
  • approachable, jargon-free communication